In today’s complex geopolitical environment in the world it is especially relevant to preserve our common cultural heritage. Our common history specifically, as well as cultural traditions and personal close interconnections are able to soften the decline of mutual relations that we notice between our countries. The ability to touch upon our common history has an unusual power of impact on the realization of affiliation of two nations to each other. That is exactly why our common task of the scientific and academic community, museum workers, volunteers and business is to work closely with each other in order to preserve our common monuments, traditions and culture.

It should be noted that today’s meeting is especially relevant in the context of interrelations of the USA and Russia. The Pacific Ocean region of the 18th-19th centuries became the arena of collective settlement of new territories from the Russian Empre and the Unites States of America. Two largest in the history of mankind frontiers, the Russian and the American ones, met on the Pacific Ocean on Hawaiian isnands having created a unique in the culturological sense situation of a symbiosis of traditions of the local population, Russian industrialists and American pioneers.

In 2016-17 there will be a remarkable date — 200 years from the moment of founding the largest Russian fortress on one of the Hawaiian islands — Fort Elizabeth. Today this is a destroyed fortress. There is practically nothing left there other than the remnants of the foundation of the fortress wall.

The Kauai island where this site was located in annually visited by more than 9 mil. tourists. If we can tell our common story to at least some of these people, this will be a great breakthrough into the popularization of Russian-American relations.

We need to involve representatives of the culture of native population of Hawaii, Alaska and Siberia in the dialogue as full participants of events of the Russian and American frontiers.

Our final goal should be scale reconstruction of Fort Elizabeth as symbol of Russian-American friendship relation.

Оur combined efforts in the area of preserving and popularizing our common historical-cultural heritage will help to overcome as fast as possible the visible decline in the interrelations between our countries and will help to create new connections between our people.