Commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Russian fortress Fort Elizabeth on the island of Kauai

November 11-13, 2017

In this commemoration, we held a celebratory ceremony, a forum, round table, exhibition, a proposed preservation projects of the settlement and presentation of several books, as well as a traditional Hawaiian reception and cultural show. Our goal was directed toward strengthening humanitarian ties and mutual understanding between the two nations.

The Historical Marker Project

The Historical Marker Project is one of the most important and visible public history programs in Fort Elizabeth. It is designed to raise public awareness of landmark rich cultural history and to enhance the enjoyment of historic sites by citizens and tourists. These markers allow us to tell the stories of the places in fort Elizabeth that we all enjoy today, by identifying the quarters, arsenal, pier, flag post and other structures that represent our past.

Visitor Center

The Fort Elizabeth Visitor Center, is planning as the gateway to the park. It will provides a comfortable place to begin your park visit by helping visitors get oriented to the park’s cultural, natural, and recreational resources and by providing a gathering place for groups and interpretive programs.

The project enhances the experience of the Fort Elizabeth location and nature. Thoughtfulness regarding elements and materials underscore the site’s nature and character, and well-adapted, functional facilities augment the visitor experience.

Hale Noa Project

Our goal is to build a replica of traditional Kauai sleeping house - Hale Noa.
Hale. (HAH- leh). Hawaiian word for house. Ancient Hawaiians lived sustainably and recognized that human civilization is an integral part of the natural world. If the human community is to survive, the natural world and nature must be preserved and perpetuated.

Honoring King Kaumuali`i

Friends of King Kaumuali`i began formally in 2012 with the Mission to honor the last and great King Kaumualiʻi of Kauaʻi by:

– Creating awareness of his reign & role in Kauaʻi/Hawaiʻi history

– Creating educational and cultural programs for local and tourist communities

– Erecting an 8-foot bronze statue of the King at Pāʻulaʻula, Waimea (old Russian Fort)

Graphic Novel Project

A novel will eventually be created, the broad theme of which is untold or lesser-told chapters in Hawaiian and Russian American relationship history.

Potential topic include the Schäffer affair, early history of relationship between Hawaiians and Russians. The graphic novel will be approximately 150 pages long, richly illustrated with original drawings and selected historic photographs. It will be deeply researched and based on the best and latest scholarly research, informed by archival materials curated in NPS and Natioal Arhive collections.

Identity Guidelines

The purpose of this project is to unify and develop a cohesive identity for the Fort Elizabeth. This identity or “brand” should be consistent with all parties of the park. Consistent and correct usage of our logo will create a strong identity for the landmark, which in turn will bring greater focus to the fort.

Web project

Fort Elizabeth recognizes the World Wide Web as an important electronic publication medium that facilitate its learning, research and communications. The web site was designed and developed to promote direct access to information resources and increase the visibility of the fort. The web site provides access to useful Web-based content. It is maintained to: enhance the mission of the Russian Fort Elizabeth State Historical Park; inform pablic of new resources available via the web; communicate and discuss about the fort activities, events and issues; and publicize the Russian Fort Elizabeth State Historical Park, its programs, and the accomplishments of its staff, volunteers and friends.

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