Point of culture connections

The Fort Elizabeth Visitor Center, is planned as a gateway to the park. It will provide an amazing and convenient place to begin your park experience by helping visitors get oriented to the park’s history and culture, nature and recreational resources, and by providing a gathering place for groups and interpretive programs.

There will be available a museum exhibition that will give to visitors an overview of the park’s major cultural stories, covering the Native Hawaiian, English, Russian, and American eras with a scale-sized fort model. Also we plan to display are several cases of beautiful historical artifacts, documents and digital materials. At this time the Fort Elizabeth is in the early stages of fundraising to design and build the Visitor Center.



The project enhances the experience of the Fort Elizabeth location and nature. Thoughtfulness regarding elements and materials underscore the site’s nature and character, and well-adapted functional facilities will augment the impression of the visitors experience.

The architecture is characterized by clear and precise transitions between planned zones and the natural landscape. The project creates a series of prepositional relations that describe and magnify the unique spatiality of the site.

Stage 1. Temporary Visitor Center  - 1100 sq.ft.

Museum and Lobby

Stage 2. Culture Connection Center - 4700 sq.ft.

Auditorium, Bookstore, Office, Restrooms, Storages